Sometimes the hardest thing 2 believe is the truth (sueypoey) wrote,
Sometimes the hardest thing 2 believe is the truth

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Grow up!!!

Some people really need to grow up!! Seriously. Its so stupid. Get a life....really. I hate it when people have nothing better to do then make fun of other people.... expecally if they dont know them. It probably is because they are jealous... or stupid. In this case probably both. Whatever... I know who the better person is.

Last night was fun. A lot of fun. And a bit scary. Mark and Melissa's graduation party was last night. It was nice to see their family and friends I havent seen in a while. I'm not going to lie...... i had a bit to drink..... But I remember most of the stuff that happened..... "if it looked like that I would eat it" Laying in the parking lot then mark throwing me over his shoulder and carrying me inside.... SteveO hitting on me hardcore....singing karaoke.... I hate.... lots of water and bathroom breaks..... taking mark home.... i honestly was worried about him, but im glad linsay and I took good care of him. Then I went to rams horn with mandy dave sarah james and dan. OHHHH what a day. =) I have to get ready for work now. TA!
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