Sometimes the hardest thing 2 believe is the truth (sueypoey) wrote,
Sometimes the hardest thing 2 believe is the truth

Who I am Hates Who I've Been....

I haven't made a real update in a while. Just small friends only post here and there. Well... I was going to make this one friends only as well.... then i desided not to. I have nothing to hide. Pretty much I want to say that things are awesome right now. They could be better at home.... but they are ok. Everything is looking up and I'm so much happier. It been this way for about a month now. What changed you might ask? Everything. I started seeing things in a different way. I started thinking about why I let somethings get me sooooo down. And the answer was I dont know. So it was time to just let go of those things and be happy. and I have and I am happy. I'm closer with my friends again. Some friends are closer then ever before. And now God has placed Jesse in my life and for that I am sooooo thankful. Jesse is seriously amazing. So far all my friends adores him. My mom and step dad love him. THAT NEVER HAPPENS!!!! And I simply think he is great. He makes me want to be a better person. He makes me want the relationship I used to have with God back. I see Jesus in him....and I need to see Jesus in me too. He really is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. And not to mention we have an awesome story about how we met. Most of you know it so im not going to repeat it. But if you dont then we need to talk more. haha. I feel really blessed right now. Things are looking up more and more everyday and I thank God for it. I have some issues I need to work on.... but with his help I know I will be fine. =) yay... im smiling. And to all my friends... I love you guys! Thanks for being there for me while I was dealing with...ummm... well yea.... you know. I should have listened to what everyone was saying but i was blind. And now I feel stupid for it. haha. Really I love you all.

ok.... i think thats it. Chow!
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